Celebrating our 1st Birthday

Best cTrader Brokers Hits The 1 Year Milestone

Since launching ctraderbrokers.com on the 23rd of September 2018, we have seen the site get a lot of traction. As with anything, it was slow at the start. It’s only been the past couple of months that we started to see meaningful and tangible results, i.e. revenue. We see things going in the right direction and the site is maturing very well thanks to our awesome SEO strategy ;). We would like to think of this as an open letter to anyone who is looking for cTrader advertising services. 

cTrader Advertising Birthday Offer

To celebrate our first birthday, we are offering an awesome discount to advertisers who are looking for cTrader marketing services. We will give a 50% discount on any of the prices you see in our media kit. This offer is available for all orders booked by the end of October 2019. Just contact us for our media kit and start advertising your forex broker with us. 

What our Partners Say

Over the past year, we have connected with some great brokers who have seen value in what we are doing and are the ones ultimately benefiting from our achievements. Michael Turck from Tradeview Forex said:

“cTraderBrokers.com has been a valuable source of leads for Tradeview Forex. We’ve onboarded clients from around the world and on all trading platforms, we offer, not just cTrader.”

Testimonial from Spotware

In the very first months, we were fortunate enough to interview some of the senior members of Spotware Systems, including the companies CEO Alexander Shulman.

We were very happy to find a good source that provides in-depth information on cTrader platform. It is also a pleasure to see someone who understands and appreciates what we do. This website is, indeed, a professionally composed knowledge base for both traders and brokers. If I was a broker or a trader interested in cTrader, I would certainly add it to my bookmarks. 

Our Value

For any forex broker who is looking for cTrader advertising opportunities, look no further. Our site is clearly very targeted and the audience has a clear intention. They are either interested in the cTrader platform and therefore looking for a broker, or they already use cTrader and could be persuaded to try a new broker. This formula is what makes ctraderbrokers.com a high converting portal. One that you cannot overlook. 

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