Best cTrader Brokers Media Kit for 2020

Forex Broker Advertising

After an amazing first year of growing our content, traffic and conversions throughout 2019, we are pleased to announce the release of our media kit for the years ahead. Even though we have onboarded a handful of awesome advertising partners already, our main focus has been to create a portal that’s worth talking about. We feel like we have reached that point. 

In our 2020 media kit, you will learn some really interesting things about our website. For example; 15% of our traffic comes from the UK, Australia and Canda, our average position for the search term “MT5 vs cTrader” is 1st, the average time spent on the website is 2 minutes and 40 seconds and that we have over 1,400 followers on Facebook. 

Forex Lead Generation

Besides website statistics, we know what brokers are really interested in when it comes to forex lead generation. Since we started this website from scratch, as a side hustle, we’ve shown that our content strategy really does generate high-value forex leads. We’ve referred 143 qualified traders, which deposited a total of $136k and traded a total of 2,094 Lots since we have started. Baring in mind that the first several months had almost zero traffic, we are pleased with the result. 

Meet the Team

We haven’t been very transparent about who we are. Well, I’m James Glyde and I do most of the content writing, editing and SEO. I actually used to be the Chief Commercial Officer at Spotware. I spent over 5 years at Spotware driving the adoption of the cTrader platform with brokers. There was a huge gap in the market for a website like this. Something for the cTrader community, which is natural, authentic and valuable. 

I didn’t do this alone! I had a lot of help from my good friend and former colleague at Spotware, Barry Davies. Barry is a professional graphic and web designer, which comes in very handy. He also spent over 10 years in different affiliate marketing rolls across gaming, betting, crypto and forex verticals. Barry has developed and maintained over a dozen portals across different niches. 

We are also supported by a fantastic Digital Agency based in Cyprus called Digital Agency Idea, who help us with hosting and maintaining the site as well as ensuring the security and performance. 

Thanks to our Clients

As a final note, a huge thanks must go out to our early partners. They took something of a risk to invest in a site which wasn’t yet proven. Thanks to them for their trust and for keeping us motivated through the toughest part of launching a portal, getting the initial traction! Don’t forget to check our media kit and contact us for any forex broker advertising enquiries. 

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