Another cTrader Update

cTrader Mobile Version 3.4

Spotware has pumped out another cTrader Update for their mobile applications on iOS and Android. The current velocity of updates is staggering. In this cTrader Update, a new feature called Spark Charts has been added. As always, Spotware has published the new version of the app for the Spotware Public Beta version of cTrader. If you want to quickly check out this new feature, you can.

Sparkcharts Added to cTrader Mobile

Sparkcharts are charts located in the Watchlist area of the app. This is the first screen that you will see when once you have launched the app and signed in. Each symbol in the Watchlist has its own Sparkchart, which is a small Area Chart next to the Bid and Ask prices. Sparkcharts will give a quick overview of the market dynamics right from the Watchlist. The preferred time can be selected from Settings. The options available are 1 hour, 1 day or 1 week.

Other cTrader Update for Mobile Apps

As we mentioned, there is no shortage of updates to cTrader. Since the new mobile application was released last year. We’ve covered each cTrader update in detail. Here is a brief digest of the recent version history of the cTrader mobile trading apps.

Version 2.9: This cTrader update saw the introduction of Area Charts and the chart measuring tool know as the Pipsometer.

Version 3.0: This cTrader update version 3.0 saw the introduction of additional zoom settings. custom colours for indicators and drawings on charts.

Version 3.1: This cTrader update brought in new drawings and styles and improvements to pending orders. The new drawings which were added are the very popular Ray, Equidistant Channel, and Fibonacci Retracement objects.

Version 3.2: This cTrader update seems to have been only minor updates or bug fixes since Spotware didn’t make any official announcement on the subject.

Version 3.3: This cTrader update added a new quick trading element for full-screen chart mode. This feature is very similar to the Quicktrade buttons in the web and desktop version of the trading platform.

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