A New Way to Vote in the cTrader Community

Spotware Enhances cTrader Community Site

Spotware has recently added a new section to the ctrader.com website which serves as a broker-neutral cTrader community, moderated by Spotware for the forex and CFD trading platforms user base. The website now features a suggestions section. This change seems to be part of an ongoing initiative which has recently seen an overhaul of the cTrader ID zone and the extensive update of cTrader help guide, which was also added to the same ctrader.com website.  

The previous voting mechanism for getting your voice heard by the developers of cTrader was at a site called vote.spotware.com. This was a service provided by the popular UserVoice platform. The old address now redirects to the suggestions section of the cTrader website and has all of the histories, which includes ideas, votes and comments from the previous site. If you want to share your ideas about what’s missing from the cTrader platform, no you know-how. 

What are the Top cTrader Ideas?

  1. Economic Calendar in cTrader

One of the top ideas with a huge amount of support from the community. However, FXStreet’s economic calendar has recently been added to the cTrader platform for all users. 

  1. cTrader for Mac

As Apple Mac becomes increasingly popular, so does the demand for a native version of the cTrader desktop platform for Mac. Unfortunately, there aren’t any signs of this being done any time soon. If you are looking for workarounds, check out our post on the subject

  1. Multi-Currency Backtesting in cTrader

Multi Symbol Backtesting is a feature which has been in high demand for years now. As most human traders would trade more than one instrument at a time, it’s logical that a trading robot should be able to do that. While a single cBot can actually trade multiple symbols simultaneously, you cannot backtest that cBot. This raises some obvious issues, like, how can you test your strategy? Apparently, this is planned, so our fingers are crossed.

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